Excerpt of Family Style by Thien Pham

Cartoonists – Exhibition

During this four-month exhibition and residency, four authors and artists, Rina Ayuyang (co-curator), Tyler Cohen, Janelle Hessig, and Thien Pham, will be creating new work on the theme of the history of San Francisco’s neighborhoods, past, present, and future. 

Exhibition Dates: May 25 – September 29

Opening Event: Thursday, May 25 
(Click here to RSVP)

Closing Event: Thursday, September 29 (RSVP COMING SOON)

Photo courtesy of Art & Krimes by Krimes Film

Art & Krimes by Krimes – Film Screening and Discussion

While in federal prison for six years, artist Jesse Krimes secretly creates monumental works of art—including an astonishing forty-foot mural made with contraband materials, prison bed sheets, and hair gel. With the help of fellow artists, he smuggles out each panel piece-by-piece, only seeing the mural in totality upon his release and return home. 

Screening: Thursday, June 29th (Click here to RSVP)

Photo courtesy of 836M/RAWDance

Loving Still RAWdance Dance Residency


Founded in 2004 by Ryan T. Smith and Wendy Rein, RAWdance will engage in a three-month residency at 836M to end the 2023 programming. 

Drawing inspiration from Loving: A Photographic History of Men in Love, 1850s -1950s, by Hugh Nini and Neal Treadwell, RAWdance is assembling an ensemble of 10 male-identifying dancers to perform a series of duets. By agreement with the publisher, photos from the book will be reproduced in large format and mounted in the gallery.

Exhibition Dates: Oct 9 – Dec 10

Closing performances: TBD