On October 23rd, 2021 POUSH Manifesto hosted a visit to the workshops of around 220 POUSH artists during their fourth “Pro Day.” This event was in collaboration with 836M.


On October 2nd, 2021, 836m hosted a concert featuring the French band, Catastrophe, at La SIRA.

La SIRA is an artists’ residence, gallery and photo studio based in Asnières-Sur-Seine since 2010. Located on the banks of the Seine, not far from where Georges Seurat, a young painter of 24 years, painted in 1884 A Bath in Asnières, La SIRA welcomes about thirty residents with workshops. La SIRA artists benefit from a place adapted to their practices with tailor-made equipment: photo studio, music studios, ceramic workshop, darkroom, vegetable garden, radio as well as an eponymous gallery, La SIRA.


On July 7th, 2021, 836M visited POUSH Manifesto, later hosting a private tour of their exhibition L’écume des songes along with a cocktail dinner on October 1st. This exhibition resonated with Hervé Mikaeloff’s selection on the theme of portraiture and figuration on the French scene for the 2021 edition of Art Paris.

This featured POUSH artists Rose BARBERAT, Diane DAL-PRA, John FOU, Cecilia GRANARA, Dhewadi HADJAB, Charles HASCOËT, Victoria KOSHELEVA, Garance MATTON, Lucile PIKETTY, Madeleine ROGER-LACAN, Guillaume VALENTI and Louis VERRET. Rose Barberat and Madeleine Roger-Lacan are part of the 2021 selection of Art Paris, as well as Arnaud Adami, who has his studio at POUSH.