Bud Snow is a contemporary artist with a background in murals, graffiti, sculpture, masks, costumes, filmmaking, and performing. Bud grew up in a traveling, political circus with an activist-artist father and painter-filmmaker mother – Both of whom she watched with great attention in her formative years. Rising from underground cultures such as skateboarding, punk rock, graffiti, and grassroots activism, Bud has a strong and subversive voice in her art-making approach. Art is for the people, a political and spiritual act.

Bud’s work has some overarching themes – celebrating life, spirit, and the comedy of being alive – through iconography, color theory, and characters – she memorializes people and communities, reflecting on memory, nostalgia, agelessness, joy, humor, and creative freedom. She aims to spark others to greatness, to empower, inspire and remind us that there is a greater, nonphysical part of each of us – that we are undeniably unique, but at core, one and the same.

Bud has painted large-scale murals in Sweden, Mexico, Canada, and across the U.S., with a concentration in the Bay Area, where she has lived and had a studio practice for 17 years.

She is part of a feminist group of artists via activist artist Michele Pred and the Wide Awakes – and has performed with her masks and costumes in political parades in Sweden, New York, Oakland, and Miami Art Week.

Bud has also been involved with the film industry since 1998, from working on independent films to acting in and creating her projects. She made art for the distribution of Boots Riley’s Sorry To Bother You (2017) dist. Annapurna Pictures. She assisted with development at the Vancouver Film Studios (Brightlight Pictures) and just graduated with the “Meisner Technique,” a 2.5-year master’s in acting. Currently, she is directing 100 1-minute films that will merge into a feature-length documentary about Bay Area graffiti, a culture that has informed her art path.

Listed in the “top ten female digital artists to watch out for” by Playboy Magazine, Bud’s work also includes digital paintings, graphics, and NFTs. Her illustrations have adorned rock and roll posters (TuneYards, The Growlers, and U.S. Girls), the Berkeley Bart Station (via Sonic Internet), and a collection of skateboards she put out under her brand Tomorrow Skateboards (a brand known for its infamous skateboard car – a 1961 Dodge Lancer that Bud attached skateboard rails too, that skaters can skate!) Notable collectors of her work are The Berkeley Art Museum, Michele Pred, and Susan Sarandon.