Since its inception, 836M’s gallery space has hosted multidisciplinary exhibitions, performances, and artist residencies. We seek exceptional living artists exploring various artistic mediums. In line with our commitment to community, we build long-term relationships with all its artists and partners and strive to provide a space to amplify and share art that brings pleasure and joy to the community. 

CURRENT Exhibition


Four authors and artists will be creating new work on the theme of the history of San Francisco’s neighborhoods, past, present, and future. Click for more Info.

Monday, August 28

RSVP - Drink & Print

Thursday, September 28

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Upcoming Exhibition


Loving Still


OPENING October 12

Founded in 2004 by Ryan T. Smith and Wendy Rein, RAWdance will participate in a three-month residency with an accompanying photo exhibition at 836M to end the programming of 2023.