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Piecing is the new exhibition at @836M, giving Apexer the time and space to piece things together. Indeed, Ricardo Richey, aka the famous street artist Apexer, will operate an open studio from October to December 2021, where he will invite fellow artists to connect and join him in a creative process. As he puts it himself, Piecing is in other words, all about connections

June 13 Kelp!

Photo courtesy of Josie Iselin

In an effort to raise awareness and find solutions in the areas of climate action, ocean stewardship and environmental equity, an exhibition in San Francisco centers on California’s endangered kelp forests and features the work of more than half a dozen visual artists, including Tiffany Bozic, Ann Holsberry, Josie Iselin, Ellen Litwiller, Lina Prairie and Laurie Sawyer, through December 8.

Over the course of the 3-month residency Mohr, Mukherjee and the ensemble focused on translating workshop material into a weave of performance, visual art & more.

Ensemble for Nonlinear Time, a new collaborative multidisciplinary work between choreographer Hope Mohr and artist Ranu Mukherjee at Gallery 836M in San Francisco, could not be timelier.

It’s no surprise Tiffany Bozic’s meticulously detailed paintings feature all sort of animals, fish, and other critters that share our planet.

A resident of Paris and Brussels, the works of the former operatic singer have been curated by the cream of Francophone Europe’s art establishment. Her videography and stills are luminous in the Karaköy quarter

The surreal video works prompt the viewer to ask deeper questions about what they see onscreen.

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