05/17/2021 – 12/04/2021

Kalani Ware is a contemporary visual artist from Oakland, CA, with roots in Hawai’i. He creates, experiments, and explores his creativity in color. He strives to create works that will inspire others.

The variation of colors, shapes, and textures he uses not only represents the diverse and multicultural society we live in but our connection to society and each other. His current work focuses on these same ideas, sometimes incorporating people. What he loves most about abstract art is that it is subjective. Kalani hopes people can engage, ask questions and find happiness in his work. Everything begins as a thought for him, becoming a visual sketch. Kalani’s creative process is organic and natural; he creates, revises, then reflects. Although primarily focused on abstract works, most of Kalani’s work has been widely diverse, showing his creative range from painting nature landscapes to human figures.
“I enjoy my abstract works; however, it’s very important to me to change my focus and create outside of my comfort zone sometimes, exploring and experimenting in various styles. This gives me an advantage, constantly challenging myself.”