06/04/2019 - 09/13/2019

Parag K. Mital, Ph.D., is an Indian American artist and interdisciplinary researcher who has been working between computational arts and machine learning for nearly 20 years.


He currently works as CTO and Head of research at HyperSurfaces, working on AI audio research, and at Never Before Heard Sounds as their Chief AI Scientist. His varied scientific background includes fields such as machine and deep learning, film cognition, eye-tracking studies, EEG, and fMRI research. His artistic practice combines generative film experiences, augmented reality hallucinations, and expressive control of large audiovisual corpora, tackling questions of identity, memory, and the nature of perception. The balance between his scientific and art practice allows both to reflect on each other: the science driving the theories and the artwork redefining the questions asked within the research.

His work has been published and exhibited internationally, including the Prix Ars Electronica, Walt Disney Concert Hall, ACM Multimedia, Victoria & Albert Museum, London’s Science Museum, Oberhausen Short Film Festival, and the British Film Institute, and featured in the press, including BBC, NYTimes, FastCompany, and others. He has also taught at UCLA, University of Edinburgh, Goldsmiths, University of London, Dartmouth College, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, and California Institute of the Arts in both Undergraduate and Graduate levels in primarily computational arts applied courses focusing on machine learning applications. Finally, he collaborates frequently with artists and cultural institutes such as Massive Attack, Sigur Rós, David Lynch, Google, Es Devlin, and Refik Anadol Studio.